Policies and Procedures

2024 Golf Outing Policies and Procedures

All packages include a shotgun start, crossover start, or straight tee times, depending on available starting times for the date you have chosen. Please read through the following policies and if you have any questions, please ask our outing director to clarify.

  1. We require at least 16 people for outing packages that include food from our main menu. All guests must play in foursomes and golf cars are required. If there are an odd number of players, two groups may have less than four players.
  1. 30 Days prior to the event a rough estimate of the number of guests is required.
  1. 7 days prior to the event we need the exact number of guests that will be eating.
  1. 3 Days prior to the event is Drop and Add Day. You will be charged for those that were confirmed but do not show the day of the event.
  1. 3 Days prior to the event you must supply us with a players pairings list by foursomes and their order of tee times. Golf Outing Guru will be provided for live scoring.
  1. A signed agreement must be returned to us within 10 days of being sent to you. The signed agreement acknowledges the terms of the outing and agreement with the policies regarding procedures, weather, and sponsorship activities. Menu choice and sides must be completed at this time.
  1. The State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission requires that all alcoholic beverages consumed on our premises must be purchased from The Falls at Barber Creek. It is the responsibility of the outing organizer to inform the outing participants of the Liquor Control Law; outing participants that violate the Liquor Control Law will be asked to leave the premises and no refund will be issued. All bags are subject to search. Minors will not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on our premises at any time. Sponsors may not distribute or redistribute any alcoholic beverages.
  1. Pace of play: All players are expected to play in a timely manner. Our pace of play is a maximum of 4 hours and 30 minutes. The position of all groups on the golf course should be directly behind the group in front of them. GPS warnings will be sent to groups who are behind pace. If required, groups will be told to skip holes. No questions asked.
  1. Golf car policy: We expect golfers to use golf cars in a safe manner and abide by all directions, both written and verbal. Liability for damages to the premises or our golf cars will be charged to the person or company making the golf outing reservation.
  1. With the exception of special cakes, all food must be purchased from The Falls at Barber Creek.
  1. Gratuity for meals and beverage service is not included and is up to the discretion of the customers.
  1. Outings played Monday through Thursday that use a straight tee time start or a crossover start must complete their tee-off by 12:52 PM and finish turning by 3:15 PM.
  1. Shotgun starts are available for any size groups with conditions; The Falls at Barber Creek will decide how many holes and the placement of teams on the holes. Exclusivity can be arranged for an additional fee; That fee is based on the difference between group participants and 144 players. Sponsorship Activities Sponsorships are the lifeblood of many golf outings. We are committed to helping you in having a successful event for your golfers while providing sponsorship opportunities for your supporters.
  1. We will supply tables and chairs for the pavilion.
  1. Cart usage by sponsors: All extra carts are provided at our option. Sponsors may use the cart to drive between the hole they are sponsoring and the clubhouse. No more than two adults may be on the cart at one time. At the sponsor holes, the cart must be parked off the cart paths in the long grass, not on the tee surface or green surface. Carts are not allowed in the parking lot unless driven by our staff. All items that must be taken into the holes can be dropped at the bag drop area where our staff will help to accommodate the sponsors. Sponsors should arrive early and drop off their items at the bag drop so our staff can help them get organized and out of their sponsor area.
  1. Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather. No refunds will be given based on weather forecasts. If you have an event planned, plan on being at the golf course prior to the event’s start time. All weather-related issues would be discussed and resolved between our outing director and you, the outing representative. This includes but is not limited to delays in play, suspension of play, restarting of play, rain checks, cancellations, and rescheduling. Our outing director will inform you, the outing representative, as soon as possible if the course is going to be closed due to weather-related issues. However, in most cases, that decision cannot be made until the planned start time of the event. A delay in the start of play or a suspension in play will occur when severe weather is in the area. The length of the delay or suspension will be determined by the weather and course conditions. The Falls at Barber Creek holds the right to delay the start or suspend play of an event up to an hour. In the event of a suspension of play, The Falls at Barber Creek reserves the right to reduce the amount of holes to meet other scheduled commitments and adjust the fee. After that time, an event can be canceled or, if possible, rescheduled. In the event play has started and the course becomes unplayable, if rescheduling the event is not possible, all players would be entitled to a rain check. All rain check transactions will be handled between our outing director and you, the outing representative. If a food program was scheduled, the outing representative could either schedule the food program for a time later in the day, which would allow our staff enough time to prepare the meal.
  1. Payment in full with one check is due the morning of the event before tee off time.


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